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Motivational Prizes for Academic & Sports

National Level:
First Position (individual event):                                             15,000.00
Second Position (individual event)                                        10,000.00
First Position (team game)                          15,000.00 (to each winner)
Second Position (team game)                    10,000.00 (to each winner)

State Level:
First Position (individual event)                                              10,000.00 
Second Position (individual event)                                           7,100.00
First Position (team game)                          10,000.00 (to each winner)
Second Prize (team game)                            7,100.00 (to each winner)

District Level:
First Position (individual event)                                                5,000.00 
Second Position (individual event)                                           3,100.00
First Position (team game)                            3,100.00 (to each winner)
Second Prize (team game)                            2,100.00 (to each winner)

Punjab School Education Examination (at school level) 
First Position                                                                               2,500.00
Second Position                                                                         2,100.00
85% or above achievers                                                            2,000.00

+2 Class:
First Position                                                                               3,100.00
Second Position                                                                         2,500.00
80% or above achievers                                                            2,100.00

6-9, 11 class:
First Position                                                                               2,100.00
Second Position                                                                         1,500.00

(Various memorial/special trophies will be conferred along with cash prizes)

Miri Piri Seva Trust Basketball Academy

    Trust started Basketball Academy at Sidhwan Kalan (Ludhiana) for the young generation of our villages under the expert coaching of IAF veteran, Flt. Lt. Sukhminder Singh Sidhu who is disciplined, dedicated and hard taskmaster. Academy will a significant role in develop life skills such as teamwork, leadership, accountability, patience and self-confidence. It will provide good opportunities for acquiring the jobs.
   At present, more than twenty students are getting training. However, the Academy is in its infancy, but it is catching the eye and getting the appreciation of Punjab Basketball Association Ludhiana that is a known platform for providing the opportunities for players for state team, national team and NBA. Training is free of cost. Sports kit, basketball, refreshment etc. is provided by the Trust. We hope that Academy will touch the heights and act as motivators for our folks to follow the healthy life style.   

Miri Piri Seva Trust Salai School

    Trust founded Miri Piri Seva Trust Salai School at Sidhwan Kalan (Ldh) in February 2022 with the aim to empower women of our villages and help them to stand on their own feet. Deserving pass outs will be supported to start their own business. Women financial freedom will develop their personalities and decrease the gender-inequality. This endeavor will be social as well as economic game changer for the family and the country. 
   At present, twenty girls in two separate groups are honing their skills in cutting, stitching and embroidery. Ms. Manpreet Kaur is a qualified, professionally trained and dedicated instructor. No fee is charged. Learning material and notebooks are provided to the students free of cost.  


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